Jesus Mary Joseph Home (JMJ)

The Jesus Mary Joseph Home (JMJ) is a shelter for homeless women, children and the terminally ill.   JMJ provides a Christ centered living situation in a Catholic Christian tradition and is an additional community outreach of St. Francis Catholic Kitchen. It was founded in 1989 and provides shelter for women and children. The goal is to guide them on their road to work and permanent housing. Applicants are intereviewed prior to acceptance.

JMJ provides: private bedroom, clothing, food pantry, organic garden, community dinners, celebrations, computer access, children's play area, field trips and chapel.

Who can stay? JMJ Home is designed to accept women and children.  Accommodations are also available for hospice patients.  An application does need to be completed before someone is accepted for residence.

How long can someone stay? Individuals are allowed to stay up to 6 months. Exceptions can be made for those who need more time. During that time everyone is expected to seek employment and permanent housing for themselves.

What is the typical routine at JMJ?

  • Daily chores from 9:00 am.-11:00 am
  • Residents must be in by 9:00 pm
  • Prayer sessions are available at 7:30 and 10:00.
  • Each member is responsible for the cleanliness and order of the house.  Rooms and beds must be neat and clear at all times.  Everyone must pick up and clean shared space in the house. 
  • No smoking.

Are other services available? JMJ has added a new ministry for the terminally ill by caring for one person in need of private daily personal care.

Spirituality: JMJ is a unique program designed to help residents find their way back into society.  The spiritual dimension is the foundation of the program.

  • A beautiful chapel was built into the home and is used for monthly daily Masses and other retreats.  The results of these efforts create a Christian Community at JMJ.

Philosophy: To make the stay of the residents a positive one, there are many fine activities for the residents.  The JMJ home provides not only food, clothing and shelter, but love to those who are in need.  We work and pray together in the name of Christ.

Want to help? Call us at (831) 459-8046

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