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2017 Holiday Hunger Drive


During the holiday season, St. Francis Catholic Kitchen
will welcome and feed delicious meals to hungry guests of all ages.

Hunger is a daily challenge for the homeless and needy in Santa Cruz.
At no cost to guests, St. Francis Catholic Kitchen
serves over 35,000 nutritious tasty lunches every year.

Open each weekday at noon, the soup kitchen offers showers and clean clothing.
St. Francis is a well-known haven of peace
to those needing help to meet basic human needs.
For Thanksgiving and for Christmas, skilled volunteer chefs
will prepare traditional roast turkey feasts, with all the trimmings.

Your kind support will furnish good, nutritious food during the holidays and
throughout the cold winter months.

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Some of the holiday menu items will be shared with Jesus Mary Joseph Home,
a transitional shelter for women and children,
and sister program of St. Francis soup kitchen.

Your donation will help St. Francis keep its dining room doors open.

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Serving the poor since 1982

Please mail a donation check to:

St. Francis Catholic Kitchen 205 Mora Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Or donate securely via PayPal on the website:

St. Francis Catholic Kitchen is a non-profit 501(C)(3) charitable organization.
Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.
Federal TAX ID #94-2880883

Updated August 2019