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Churches & Schools

Generously given, regular and one-time gifts help to sustain the mission of

St. Francis Catholic Kitchen & Jesus Mary Joseph Home

From 2016 to present:

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Bishop's Storehouse Monthly Commodity Grants

Good Shepherd School Volunteer workdays

Holy Cross Church

Parish /Young Families / Allstar Quilters for Kids / Young Ladies Institute (YLI)

Holy Cross School Volunteer workdays

Resurrection Catholic Community

Parish / Women’s Guild / Youth Group / Knights of Columbus Council #9580

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church JMJ Angels / Family Ministry

St. Michael’s Church / Livermore

Serendipity Day Care / Jill Susskind Gifts & gatherings

Sisters of Mercy / Sacramento

Children’s learning center furnishings, toys & books

Traditional Latin Mass Community Gifts & gatherings

Triple P Parenting Classes at JMJ

UCSC Independent Studies / Kresge College

Class projects & volunteer workdays with Instructor Franklin Williams

UCSC Volunteer Center

Kappa Zeta Sorority Art & Baking Classes
Sorority Group Community Days Volunteer workdays
Christmas party with Sammy Slug
Student Internships

UCSC VSA / Vietnamese Student Association

Fundraiser & volunteer workdays

Valley Churches United

Annual Christmas gifts for soup kitchen guests

Updated August 2019