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12/24/2011: Christmas Playground for JMJ

11/13/2011: Kitchen hosts event

11/03/2011: Wayne Shaffer, Good Neighbor video

11/02/2011: Wayne Shaffer, President, wins national award

10/23/2011: Pajamas for JMJ

08/01//2011: Good Neighbor Nominee: Wayne Shaffer

06/20/2011: Carmen Saldivar

08/06/2009: JMJ celebrates 20 years!

12/24/2008: Christmas Dinner serves hundreds

12/18/2008: JMJ receives a makeover

09/21/2008: Pat Gorman of JMJ wins award

12/07/2007: Clothing cupboards are bare

06/05/2007:  Congressional Record, Honor of the Saint Francis Catholic Kitchen

05/20/2007: Santa Cruz Sentinel Honors 25 Years of Service

01/16/2007:  Quiet Hero, Lou DePedro 

09/06/2006:  Food Review!

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