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Updated August 2019

John Lynch

John Lynch started volunteering at the soup kitchen in the late nineties, just on the serving line. In 1999, he was asked if he'd be interested in being on the board of directors. On the board, he participated in fundraising, overall development of policy, and supporting the program directors. In a 2015 Regional History Interview, he said: There are some great people who work at St Francis Catholic Kitchen--incredibly devoted, dedicated people--and working hard with such commitment and steadiness. It's a very well run program!
-- John P. Lynch / Emeritus board member / UCSC professor emeritus of literature.


My joy is to serve people in need. What a privilege it is to be able to devote an hour or two per day, using whatever skills that I may have, to help improve the quality of life for those struggling with poverty, hunger or homelessness.
-- Kathy Manus / Secretary & Outreach

Wayne Shaffer

The inspiration of founder Fr. Peter Carota and my growing relation with Jesus has kept me committed to helping our brothers and sisters with physical and spiritual support.
-- Wayne Shaffer / President

Mike Shumate

"Having been a lifelong admirer of St. Francis, who followed the teachings of Christ, I joined the board of St. Francis Catholic Kitchen in order to participate in following those teachings."
-- Michael Shumate / Treasurer


As a long time local business owner, I am proud to be part of the mission to feed, clothe and care for the hungry and to work along side such dedicated and devoted people who continue to serve our community by helping people in need in such a selfless manner.
-- Lou Versman / Public Relations

What does the Board of Directors do?

On behalf of St. Francis Catholic Kitchen, a California non-profit public benefit corporation,
the board will follow the social justice teachings of the Roman Catholic Church;
share duties & responsibilities of governing and maintaining the soup kitchen and
the transitional shelter programs, operated in two separate facilities;
make policy, staffing, and financial decisions; help with fundraising;
keep accurate records and hold monthly meetings on 2nd Tuesdays, or as needed.