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Richard Crowe

Pat Gorman

Richard Crowe & Pat Gorman

Richard Crowe(
St. Francis Catholic Kitchen Director

One of Richard's favorite statements: "We have to start somewhere in meeting the needs of our guests who come to the kitchen. People can make healthier choices for themselves with a full stomach, some clean dry clothes and a hot shower." Each meal begins with Richard gathering all of the guests to quiet their minds and give thanks for the food. This simple prayer is a hallmark of the kind approach Richard takes with all the guests. The guests are further helped by providing direction to organizations that can assist with addiction, joblessness and mental health issues. As soup kitchen program director, Mr. Crowe is state-certified in the safe handling of food. Under his leadership, the soup kitchen has passed city and county health inspections every year.

Pat Gorman(
Jesus Mary Joseph Home Director

In recent years, the success of Jesus Mary Joseph Home is in large part due to the work of Director Pat Gorman. She says, “All are welcome at JMJ. Through our program, we offer women and children pathways to stability in a loving, supportive environment. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, age or disability. Since our beginnings, a number of hospice patients found a refuge here for their final days on earth. Many former residents, both women and children, have returned to say ‘JMJ was a lifesaver’ and ‘thank you’.

Under Pat’s direction, the JMJ program focuses on providing 24/7 shelter, healing and support for woman and children who are experiencing homelessness. The goal is to guide them toward new opportunities in education and employment, and to help them locate housing. JMJ can also provide private daily personal care for one terminally-ill person at a time. To serve JMJ residents and hospice patients more fully, Pat completed the qualifications for State Board Certified Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide. She is also fully qualified in homeless advocacy with a BA degree from UCSC in Community Studies and has 21 years of experience at JMJ.

Updated August 2019