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08/03/2019: JMJ's 30th Anniversary Celebration

05/24/2019: Filipino Filipino-American Dinner Social

05/05/2019: Spring Time Concert @ Holy Cross Church, 126 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA
Sunday, May 5th @ 4 PM (Click for flyer!)

04/17/2019: 2019 Spring Newsletter

11/15/2018: 2018 Fall Newsletter

11/10/2018: Chili & Ice Cream Social

Saturday, November 10, 2018

"Chili & Ice Cream Social!" Plenty
A Founder's Day Celebration

St. Francis Catholic Kitchen
Jesus Mary Joseph Home

03/01/2018: 2018 Lent Newsletter

09/11/2017: Little Caesars Pizza Visit


Little Caesars Corp. Semi kitchen visits St. Francis on 9-11-17 with pizzas for everyone. From there it will travel to Texas to relieve the East Coast Kitchen so it, can travel to Florida to feed victims of hurricane Irma. Also pictured next to the Caesar cooking staff are Richard Stachowski, Wayne Shaffer, and yard duty volunteers at the kitchen.

04/17/2017: 2017 Easter Monday Meal

04/14/2017: 2017 Lent Newsletter

11/01/2017: 2017 Holiday Hunger Drive

12/01/2016: Christmas Newsletter 2016

08/08/2016: 2016 August Newsletter

07/08/2016: Founder Fr. Peter Carota passed away

03/15/2016: 2016 Easter Newsletter

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